What Is Your Excuse?

I hear them everyday, it has been accepted as part of my job. I used to take it personally and let it get under my skin, now I just pity the person. Not from a place of arrogance, as arrogant as that sounds, but honest to god genuine pity for the person. Who wants to have another grown ass man pity them?

The majority of people I have found.

I have heard it all…

  • I don’t like group training. Okay well that isn’t all we do.
  • I don’t need a personal trainer. That is funny cause we offer group training too.
  • I am going to get in shape and then I am going to start with you. Yeah right, that thinking got you here.
  • It is too intense and I don’t like crossfit. We are not crossfit and intensity is good, it is your body getting stronger.
  • I don’t like to sweat. Sucks to be you, that is your life and I cannot believe you said that aloud.
  • I don’t want to get huge, I’m a cyclist, runner, fitness model etc. etc. Yeah I know, look at me, I’m huge and can hardly touch hips my lats are so big. You’ll get huge too cause you obviously like working so hard.
  • It is too hard. Life is hard and ANYONE who ever did ANYTHING worthwhile pushed through tough times.
  • I don’t have that kind of money. Bullshit. You spend money on the damnedest things day in and day out. Investing in your health would probably make your other monetary items seem so much more inconsequential.
  • It is too expense. See above. Honestly though, if you want to, go to Costco and buy a 24 hour fitness membership for like $20 a month. It is better than nothing and no doubt you’ll love the dudes creeping on you in the sauna. What is that worth?
  • What do I get?  You’ll get everything and then some.  You’ll get stronger, you will be less injury prone, you’ll be healthier, you’ll be bigger, fitter, faster and stronger and ultimately all of these things will get you laid.

Keep them coming, I’d love to add them to my list.  In the meantime while you are doing nothing, there is a world of us out there pushing it and just doing a bit more.  Laugh at us, tell us it is stupid and for the FF’s not doing anything, keep growing the handlebar, wear your duty shirt, get on your hog and light another one up.  When work needs to be done.  Real work, I promise you that I will be there at the end and through it all.  Welcoming the next swing of the axe. 113805_orig

  • Robert Baptist

    Great article. And I used to be one of the “excuse makers”. Now I’m a workout enthuesist

    • kona1978

      We like that Robert. Too many take it too easy and never find out what they are capable of. Life is way to short to go through it half assed.

  • Max Ross

    I’m forwarding this post to some people I know.

    • kona1978

      You are absolute proof that once you get out of your own way there is plenty of success to be had Max! Keep it up man and don’t ever start taking your gains for granted.


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