The Real Problem With Too Busy

I recently had a serious communication breakdown.  You know? The kind where one email was interpreted completely wrong and thus responded to in accordance with misconception.  That response was met with equal force and then some, leaving the situation very tenuous.

My father, who is much wiser than I am told me nearly a decade ago, as email was becoming the preferred way for most any relationship to sustain that “The problem with email is that there is not ‘tonality’ in them.”  He also has told me before that when a relationship is at the point where interaction is solely through letters (electronic or not) it is broken.

Two solid pieces of advice or insight from a an old Sage.

No doubt this relationship has been adjusted to a conflictual one and got way out of hand way too soon.

I saw this and reached out to the other party that I obviously had misread and misinterpreted the conversation and that I would love to straighten things out in a manner that would allow us to heal and move forward to accomplish a much greater good. I then called because when you call someone or meet them face to face you show you actually have a pair.  It is scary, hard and can be unpleasant to do so but my belief is that if you make the time and take the risk good things will happen.

My response came two day later in the form of a text.  “Haven’t been able to reply, really been busy.”

We all get busy, we all get in over our heads but there are certain things you absolutely have to make time for.  If you cannot make time for those things than what is the point.  At the very least respectfully decline or set a time, date and location in the future to tie up those loose ends.  Time is the only finite entity we truly deal with, well that and human relationships.  If you haven’t go the time for then than you are missing out on the time you do have.


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