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What You Get

We give you the accountability and the motivation to make you fitter, faster and stronger than ever through our training plans and workouts that are constantly being updated.  Ben and Sam will lead you through workouts or go out and find the very best coaches in their respective field, sports and disciplines and take their instruction to you.  With a paid subscription you get three key items:

1 – Our video library has hundreds of workouts broken down by categories and intent.  Think upper body, lower body, arms, back, legs, EMOM (every minute on the minute), firefighter specific, endurance, agility etc. etc. etc.  We’ve got lot’s of them and they are all smart, well thought out, clearly explained and most definitely challenging.  Training for actual sport?  Plenty of our training focuses on disciplines with foundations in football, basketball, soccer and more.

2 -Our training plans cover every training goal and level and we are constantly trying to add to it — four to sixteen week beginner to advanced strength and conditioning training plans or sport specific from 5k to ironman.  Hundreds of workouts for swim, bike, run, lifting, etc. etc.  We are constantly updating it with content to make you a smarter athlete as well.

3 – “Ask A Trainer” – You get access to Ben, Sam and anyone else that coaches with to post your questions, receive guidance and help navigate the waters to being a better athlete.

All this for just $9 per month.  Don’t like it?  Cancel anytime, no questions asked.



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