Overnight Success

People that think anything is an overnight success are crazy and it distorts reality for the majority of us that exist in the real world.  Success takes time and success takes hard work and energy.  Success, like beauty, is also in the eye of the beholder.  At least in the reality that all of us live in.

There do exist some insanely crazy outliers in this world.  However the person, company or concept that did experience that sort of amazing fortune and trajectory was not just a tremendous talent but also experienced a ton of luck.  Or fate just decided to laugh in our faces a little bit.

Facebook was not an overnight success, Mark Zuckerberg worked on it tirelessly for years.  Even my main man Justin Bieber, whether or not you are a fan, not only did he work his tail off he was fearless in doing so. They were both exceptions to the rule about time and certainly the odds but even so they worked hard, they stayed at it and they never accepted failure.

We build stronger, fitter, faster firefighters and first responders but we don’t build them overnight.  You want to get strong, you want to be a bit more bullet proof and you want to look like you do?  Than it comes over the course of time.

Plenty of programs, products and misc. exist out there that promises amazing results but those things are often promising achievement with the same odds as those crazy outliers.  If you want the very best version of you than the best way to go about doing that is putting in the time and work, over the course of time with plenty of work.


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