Know Your Purpose

You know what most people are doing dead wrong about what they do when they train? They don’t have a clue what they are doing or why. Few things drive me as crazy as when I watch someone ripping or bagging on another because they think what they are doing is stupid, inane or just […]

Down but not yet out…

At least I don’t think so. You had  rough couple of weeks?  Me too. No doubt others out there have had it much tougher and certainly some much more tragic.  This is my world though, my pain and in this particular situation my blog so I’m gonna lay it out for you with my sad […]

What Is Your Excuse?

I hear them everyday, it has been accepted as part of my job. I used to take it personally and let it get under my skin, now I just pity the person. Not from a place of arrogance, as arrogant as that sounds, but honest to god genuine pity for the person. Who wants to […]

Run With Tanya

We conducted a fundraiser last week for one of our athlete’s; Tanya.  She was born without any lower legs or fingers on both the right and left sides of her body.  When she came in and started training with us she asked that she not receive any special treatment or exceptions.  We have given her […]

The Drive From Inside

I played soccer in high school, we were 4 time state champs and I believe I started 1 game in my entire varsity career. It was senior night. I was voted most “inspirational” player my senior year. Freaking-A story of my life. Hard worker, pulling for others, but just not all that great. I suppose […]

Inclusive Not Exclusive

Don’t worry, I am not about to try to define this or lay it all out for you the readership. Who freaking knows and better yet, why try and pigeon hole anything like this. Fitness should cross a broad range of modalities, it should be diverse and it should be showcased. I have also found […]


Two things are essential to worthwhile and meaningful success; hard work and a goal. If you have a goal and something that you can set your sites upon attaining and you are willing to put in honest, hard and consistent work you’ll probably end up being successful in whatever it was you set out to […]

Overnight Success

People that think anything is an overnight success are crazy and it distorts reality for the majority of us that exist in the real world.  Success takes time and success takes hard work and energy.  Success, like beauty, is also in the eye of the beholder.  At least in the reality that all of us […]

The Time Is And Was Now

When both my brother and I were younger my old man gave him a clock for his wall.  It was fairly normal with hour, minute and second hand but instead of actual 1 – 12 hour notations it simply said “now” for each sixty minute interval.  The point was not lost on my ultra-procrastinating brother.  […]

The Complete Urban Athlete

The holidays were a bit rough, they took more out of me and more time than I ever anticipated.  Thus is the reason I am getting this final installment out so late and so far behind the others in the series on what makes a first responder/firefighter and ultimately a complete Urban Athlete. Being in […]


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