Simple Planning For Base Fitness

I feel like a total wanker of late.  Maybe less wanker and more poser. Yesterday I was cleared to ride my bike for the first time in 6 weeks.  So I did.  Left hand completely restrained in my splint, only able to balance it on my handle bar.  Baby stepping it off the curbs. My […]

A Bit Of Irony…

Life can be a bit ironic and to that extent I have a bit more metal/iron (bad pun) in my hand to prove it. It’ll be four weeks ago on Monday when I will have broken (possible understatement of my year) my left thumb and hand getting a bit too aggressive on my mountain bike. […]

What Type of Stretching Routine Should I Do?

“What Type of Stretching Routine Should I Do?” We get that a lot and to be completely frank and honest, I don’t know. I would start with; do something appropriate for your ability and background and make sure that it adequately prepares your body for what it is going to be doing. How about that? […]

Down but not yet out…

At least I don’t think so. You had  rough couple of weeks?  Me too. No doubt others out there have had it much tougher and certainly some much more tragic.  This is my world though, my pain and in this particular situation my blog so I’m gonna lay it out for you with my sad […]


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