The Great Debaters

The 14th-century philosopher Jean Buridan told the story of a mule that starved to death trying to decide between two equidistant bales of hay. The bales of hay were equally desirable, so the mule could not decide which way to go… This one is specifically for all my FF (and probably cop) buddies out there. […]

Stepping Up Your Game

An exert from an email I just sent an employee who repeatadly tells me how impossible and demanding their job is.  All the while they talk about all the dreams they have and what they want in life.  This portion of the letter that was drafted is very much pared down to nearly nothing.  The […]

Wishing Is Not A Strategy

What do they say about “wishing in one hand…” and something in the other?  One of them fills up faster than the other. The bar is set plenty high, no doubt about it.  Turn on your TV, open up a magazine or start ripping through the internet and everything is the “greatest”, “newest” and most […]

Uninformed Can Be Fixed…

Uniformed is easily fixed. Ignorant is more often than not a completely terminal condition. I read last year that more and more people are not being paid for what they know or what they have memorized, but rather what they can do with information they can readily acquire.  The reason why?  Simple.  You can google, […]

The Real Problem With Too Busy

I recently had a serious communication breakdown.  You know? The kind where one email was interpreted completely wrong and thus responded to in accordance with misconception.  That response was met with equal force and then some, leaving the situation very tenuous. My father, who is much wiser than I am told me nearly a decade […]

Change Is Good… But So Are Explanations and Strong Leadership.

So if you haven’t noticed we’ve changed things up a bit on the site recently. has a new look and skin to the front page, a completely revamped registration process and now two tiers that firefighter athletes can choose from for membership.  My goal from that start has remained the same, what I’ve found […]

Building The Right Foundation On Your Side Job

Most all the guys I have ever worked with have done something on the side to supplement their income.  It is inherent to our line of work, and any young firefighter knows that the starting pay barely covers your bills and that is if you aren’t still shacking up with the “rents”.  The fire service […]


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