Left Foot, Right Foot…

Some days you define your legacy, meaning you show the world for better or for worse who and what you are and do so in a manner which will be evaluated and tested against others.  You get to showcase the work and effort you’ve put in for a particular effort, race, test or other task. […]


All of our Truck and Rescue companies just received one of these PIG tools per unit on behalf of our employer.  I’m not about ready to start reviewing equipment, there is no shortage of red-ass firemen who are willing to do this and run this type of stuff through the ringer and give you plenty […]

One Good Reason

I have definitely wrestled with, and continue to do so, with putting myself out there like this.  A big fear of mine is that people will make far too many assumptions as to what the driving force behind this site is or what it is supposed to stand for.  I’ve always been a bit too […]

The Business Of The Fire Service

It’s my blog and it’s my space, you opted to read it so I’ll indulge.  I’ve been a firefighter for nearly 10 years and like most of my fellow members have always had to hold down a second job if I wanted to do more than what my paycheck would allow.  When I was hired […]

Who We Are

I’ve gone through so many thoughts as I’ve worked to create FFA, it is always a risk to put yourself “out there” like this. No doubt I did it because I wanted to build a business but more than anything else I hope to help build an on-line community that would both build a stronger […]


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