The Drive From Inside

I played soccer in high school, we were 4 time state champs and I believe I started 1 game in my entire varsity career. It was senior night. I was voted most “inspirational” player my senior year. Freaking-A story of my life. Hard worker, pulling for others, but just not all that great. I suppose […]

Inclusive Not Exclusive

Don’t worry, I am not about to try to define this or lay it all out for you the readership. Who freaking knows and better yet, why try and pigeon hole anything like this. Fitness should cross a broad range of modalities, it should be diverse and it should be showcased. I have also found […]

Was You First Coach Good Enough? Part Deux

Why part two?  Because I went completely tangent on part I and never got around to making a point.  If I am not careful I will end up there again.   Definition of a vocation “Where your great joy meets the world’s great needs” Eric Greitens Tufts University Commencement Address 2012 I have no idea […]

Was Your First Coach Good Enough? Part I of II

*Part I has absolutely nothing to do with part II.  No sir/ma’am.  This is all about me writing a blog entry under 30k words.  Congratulations to me! I was ripping through my morning workout yesterday with one of my friends and training partners Dr. Tyler Smith and we we were discussing different coaches we knew, […]

In Search Of Purpose

Purpose is important, not just kind of and not just partially. It is what defines success in any endeavor you choose to pursue; be it in sport, your profession or life. Quick English Lesson and Fact Check – Purpose is a noun or a verb and it basically means you have an agenda. Purpose is […]

The Great Debaters

The 14th-century philosopher Jean Buridan told the story of a mule that starved to death trying to decide between two equidistant bales of hay. The bales of hay were equally desirable, so the mule could not decide which way to go… This one is specifically for all my FF (and probably cop) buddies out there. […]

Stepping Up Your Game

An exert from an email I just sent an employee who repeatadly tells me how impossible and demanding their job is.  All the while they talk about all the dreams they have and what they want in life.  This portion of the letter that was drafted is very much pared down to nearly nothing.  The […]

Consider The Source

I recently read a great blog posting a friend sent me, it went something like this… “Never sleep near a train station. Don’t ask a cab driver for theater tips. Never buy bread from a supermarket bakery… and don’t ever give your spouse honest feedback on show she looks. Don’t do business with a stranger […]

Wishing Is Not A Strategy

What do they say about “wishing in one hand…” and something in the other?  One of them fills up faster than the other. The bar is set plenty high, no doubt about it.  Turn on your TV, open up a magazine or start ripping through the internet and everything is the “greatest”, “newest” and most […]


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