Two things are essential to worthwhile and meaningful success; hard work and a goal.

If you have a goal and something that you can set your sites upon attaining and you are willing to put in honest, hard and consistent work you’ll probably end up being successful in whatever it was you set out to achieve.

This week on we take on some of the harder workouts we have built, they run the gamut of endurance, power, strength, agility and some sort of combination there of.  We call them our BAMF (Bad A$$ Mutha F-er) workouts, the kind of training that isn’t sustainable each and every day if you want to make progress BUT it is the kind of training that is essential to pulling the very most and absolutely everything out of your body.

As with life, you can coast through some of this or even just completely blow it off all together because it is unknown, foreign and scary to you.  We see it all the time, guys that play it safe or don’t play at all.

The irony is that with each and every excuse you make or when you initiate a self boycott, shy (cower) away from trying something new and trying something that will demand your best you save nothing.  You don’t save face, you don’t save energy and you certainly retain no self worth or pride.  Our conciseness’s are a bitch like that.

You would be amazed how much courage and confidence comes from pushing yourself to failure and over the edge.  When was the last time you tried?  I am often reminded that the only difference between exhilaration and complete fear is whether you are breathing or not and absolutely gotta breath when you train.

Biggest BAMFS I know are big time breathers.


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