About Sam McGriff


Sam McGriff

  • Naval Officer
  • Nutrition & Fitness Degree
  • Personal Trainer

As a former Naval Officer, preparedness for any situation was a fundamental requirement. I served on board numerous war ships, spending most of my sea time deployed to the Middle East during my time in the Navy from 2008-2012. In times of war, every member of the crew must be trained as a first responder if the ship and her crew are going to prevail. Shipboard fire fighting, damage control, and emergency medical response were required skills for every crewmember. Along with the mental strains of deployment, the physical demands were taxing.  Emergency situations always seemed to arise after sleepless nights filled with intense stress and hard work, so making sure your body was primed for these times was crucial.

My degree in Nutrition and Fitness served me well during my time in Navy.  In addition to my shipboard experience I trained with some of the military’s best athletes including, Infantry Marines and Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technicians.  From diving, repelling, running, and fire fighting, every aspect of the military presented challenges and I prided myself on being prepared no matter the obstacle.

Now as a personal trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach I stress the importance of preparing the athlete, and especially first responders, for any challenge.  Using the same fundamentals I gained leading men in uniform, I demand the most from my athletes. Helping others achieve their goals and push themselves to limits that have been untapped, motivates me as a trainer.  My goal is to help first responders to be prepared for any situation, so that when the time comes, they can save lives.

During my time in the Navy I competed in numerous obstacle races, consistently achieved the highest physical fitness score, and lead physical training programs.  I am a novice boxer, certified TRX instructor, and never played a sport I didn’t like.


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