About Ben Schloegel


Ben Schloegel

Founder of Firefighter Athlete
  • Kansas City, MO Fire Department
  • Professional Iron Man Athlete

My Resume is pretty simple and straightforward; I’ve tried to race just about everything out there.  I’ve competed in 20 ironman triathlons, placed in the top 10 overall in ½ of them.  Raced both the ironman and Xterra world championships in Hawaii numerous times, even been fortunate enough to place in my division on a few occasions.  I have competed in and completed a whole bunch of other events as well, ranging from 5k to Marathon, Road Racing, CycloCross and Triathlon.  I’ve trained as a fighter (boxing) and stepped into the ring for bouts.  I love sport and believe that everyone is an athlete.

I’m not a big guy, I’m just 5’8” and tip the scales at 145lbs so I’ve had to make the most of my frame and power to do the job of a firefighter.  I am confident that pound for pound I am as strong as most and that I can work for as long as most all of my peers.  I’ve done this through consistent training and by keeping an open mind and utilizing as many resources as available to create a holistic and realistic approach to my training and fitness.

It’s been my observation that our members fall into two groups, those who train and workout and those who don’t, whether you fall into either of these groups this training is for still for you.  The most important thing you can do is find what brand of fitness works for you and begin to engage in it.  Firefighter Athlete does a pretty good job of offering as much fitness opportunity as anyone.

My goal is to help as many other firefighters get fitter, faster and stronger and bring as much of the Calvary to the battlefield/fireground as possible.  You’ll see that the FFA training method focuses on three key components; the engine, cardiovascular fitness.  Power, the torque and strength to lift and move heavy objects with your body and finally the trailer hitch; a strong core that allows the engine and power to be best combined.

The demands of our job today dictate that we be prepared for so much and for so many different scenarios and situations where the environment is ever changing, the unforeseen and unexpected is the norm but above all else the results and outcome of keeping those whom we serve safe will never change.


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